Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to determine what BEx query is used in BW workbook

Workbooks are integral part of SAP BW. They are used very much within users as they are very helpful. Basically they allow having several worksheets having run there different BEx queries. Even several BEx queries can be placed in single workbook.

Setup of such a workbook is fairly easy. The Bex query (or queries) is just inserted into MS Excel while connected to BW backend system either via Business Explorer Analyzer or Analysis office.

The workbook can be saved in BEx favorites in backend system in user's favorites or in user's roles.

Usual question while dealing with the workbook is to get know what are Bex query or queries contained in there. Here either we recognize this directly as we are connected to backend via Analyzer or Analysis office. Second option is to lookup this relation in BW tables.

Table RSRWORKBOOK contains information on 'Where-used list' for reports in workbooks. Here we put the workbook ID into field WORKBOOKID. From this table we get a list of BEx queries in column GENUNIID. With this information we go to table RSRREPDIR where we put it to column GENUNIID. Finally in column COMPID we get BEx query technical name(s).

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