Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Running webdynpro in SAP GUI

Even it is not very usual there is a possibility to run webdynpro application in SAP GUI. Or we can say to trigger webdynpro app in SAP GUI. There is a t-code WDYID - Display Web Dynpro Application which by help of ABAP function group SAPLWDY_PRGN_NODES (screen no 400) runs it. On its selection screen we can enter particular WD app into field "Applicatn" and then simply by hitting Enter key it runs. User is not prompted to login to the application. This is being because SAP GUI will generate a SSO ticket off of the user current SAPGUI login.

There is also possibility to create custom transaction codes to enable running webdynpros in SAP GUI. As per online documentation it should be type of "Transaction with parameters (parameter transaction)" and should point to t-code WDYID and should have screen = 0. Finally you need to specify two default values for new t-code with following names:

APPLICATION= your_wd_app_name

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