Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Importing client dependent objects in BW – tcode RSTPRFC

Similar to ABAP Data Dictionary objects (DDIC) also most of BW objects are client independed. However some of BW objects are actually client depended. These are objects especially in areas of DataSources based on web services, Process Chain’s jobs that are executed on client level or in BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation, e.g. appset objects) where this is not the case.
To understand the client dependency is also very important in case of BW transports. Usually BW objects are imported into client 000 while transport is running. But some of them require client specific processing. This is executed during import post processing phase of transport.
These are error messages one may face in case of need of client depended processing during the transport:

Start of the after-import method RS_APPS_AFTER_IMPORT for object type(s) APPS (Activation Mode): RFC Destination could not be determined for client xxx


Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for APPS L


"Generation of Web Service terminated (missing user confirmation)" message RSDS 305


"Error during remote call of destination ' ... ' - RSPC051"

Solution of such an error is to maintain costuming of destination (the client) for the transport post processing. This function is available from customizing main TA SPRO under path: SAP NetWeaver -> Business Warehouse -> Transport Settings -> Create Destination for Import Postprocessing or calling TA RSTPRFC (Create destination in BW std clnt for import post-processing) directly.

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