Thursday, November 20, 2014

Filling EPM data model database tables with data

Similarly to SFLIHGT data model used to ABAP to demonstrate ABAP features in SAP NetWeaver ABAP stack based systems there is a data model in other SAP systems. Over the years another data model grown up. It is called Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM). This demo data model has broader scope and it aims to demonstrate capabilities not only ABAP but whole NetWeaver Stack.

The EPM is an app intended to be used solely for leaning, testing and demo purposes. It is part of NW Demo Software Component (Z_ESH_EPM_DEMO (customer system) or ESH_EPM_DEMO (SAP system)). Technically the app is delivered within different development packages:

Pack S_EPM_DG - New Data Generator, contains data generator, tcode SEPM_DG, associated with report SEPM_DG_EPM_STD_CHANNEL, see picture below

Pack S_NWDEMO_MODEL_DDIC Common Data Dictionary Objects (only) for EPM and NWDEMO, here are all the demo tables delivered

Once you run this tcode. You get tables like “SNWD_SO - EPM: Sales Order Header Table” populated with the data. There is an info message announcing that (EPM Data Generator:        40 Transactional Data records created, Message no. SEPM_DG037) after successful run of the tcode.

Further information:

2078644 - Getting started with EMP-based Demo Software Component ESH_EPM_DEMO
1651157 - Settings to Activate NW Demo Model Gateway Services
1942520 - EPM demo role for upload in a netweaver system


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