Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BW related users

There is couple of users needed for communication between SAP BW system and its source SAP systems. These users comes usually in pair: one of them is dialog user for administration guy for doing analysis and troubleshooting and other one is background one used while systems are communicating each other. The paired users are needed in both sides in BW and in e.g. SAP ECC as well. Below I will shortly describe what authorization and other things are needed in order to set up those users.

BW system:
Example of user
S_RS_ALL - Business Information Warehouse: All Authorizations
S_BI-WHM_RFC - Business Information Warehouse, RFC user in the Warehouse

ECC system:
Example of user
SAP_ALL - All SAP System authorizations
SAP_NEW - New authorization checks
S_BI-WX_RFC - Business Information Warehouse, RFC-User Extraction

More information on this topic:

150315 - BW-Authorizations for Remote-User in BW and OLTP

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