Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ABAP Statistics Data – BI Technical Content

There are few nice pieces of BW objects related to technical Business Content (BCT). The Technical BCT delivers predefined BW objects for analyzing statistical data about SAP systems.
Especially within the technical BCT there are components like: CCMS BI Content, Central Performance History (CPH) BI Content, Distributed Statistics Record (DSR) BI Content and ABAP statistics BI Content. N this post I will shortly discuss the later one.

What is ABAP statistics BI Content? In essence the ABAP statistics data are doing reporting on data from SAP’s Workload Monitor (tcode ST03). What reporting needs are covered within ABAP stats? First there are reports about user overview like daily/weekly/monthly overview providing of dialog steps in ABAP systems, broken down by various users. Second set of the reports are workload reports. So information on what was workload of the ABAP systems is shown on different date/time basis. What KPIs are covered? For example Number of Dialog Steps, CPU Time, Processing Time per Dialog Step, Database Time, Number of Sequential Reads, Total/Average Response Time any other other workload related KPI.

What are datasources of ABAP statistics BCT?

0CCMS_ASR_DATA - ABAP Statistics Aggregates and Single Records. Collects statistics data from the STAT statistics files on file system of the SAP instance. Important here is that data is aggregated.

0CCMS_WEBAS_STATREC_DATA - DataSource for ABAP Statistics (Alternative), predecessor of previous one. In contrary of previous one this is single record providing DS.

0CCMS_WEBAS_APPL_STATREC_DATA - DataSource for ABAP Application Statistics. Provides aggregated statistics data from the ASTAT statistics files on file system of the SAP host.

More information:

979581 - Installing and configuring the CCMS BI Content

807072 - DataSources for ABAP data and distributed statistics data

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