Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tricky error while trying to view data in MProvider

I recently faced an error relate to Multiprovider. I needed to add one more cube into existing Multiprovider. While I was testing assignment of infoobjects coming from this newly added cube in Multiprovider I got following error:
INVALID_INPUT Infoprov Not Found RSD_TREX100
Caused by this message I was not able to see the data from this cube in “RSA1 -> Modeling -> Display data” neither in TA LISTCUBE. Data in Multiprovider in particular was still readable but no data was coming from newly added cube. Moreover error message popped up and no date was shown.
While I was trying to fix this issue I came to know that there are 3 possible reasons for it:
1. Wrong design of cube: I tried to test my newly created cube in TA RSRT (Analysis and Repair of BW objects). This linked me into the issue that some of key figures were not properly maintained in transformation used to load the data into the cube. After I corrected this issue I was able to read the data from the cube via Multiprovider.
2. You facing an issue as per note 1758050 - Display data raises 'INVALID_INPUT' error for valid values. The note is valid for BW 7.3 SP07. The Note fixing side effect of other note 1673230  - Display data of MPRO dumps on invalid input for 0INFOPROV. So it may happen that you implemented note 1673230 and this caused the issue. Therefore you need to implement other note: 1758050

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