Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Current missing BEx funcitonalities in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition for Microsoft Office

I was posting recently about replacement for BEx Analyzer and BEx Query Designer. In case of BEx Analyzer replacement tool more like to be is Analysis for MS Office (AO). In case of BEx Query Designer there is a new tool called SBOP Design Studio

As both tools are not that far from BEx functionalists support here I’d like to focus on AO. If your organization is heavy BEx user and you plan to deploy AO in near future I suggest to check what are BEx features currently not supported. Below I list sources where to look:

1. SAP BusinessObjects BI4 Suite - Supported BEx Query Elements: A document prepared by Ingo Hilgefort SAP’s guru on SAP  BW and BusinessObjects integration. The document  only talks about AO but all BusinessObjects portfolio: AO for MS Office, AO for OLAP, Crystal reports for Enterprise, Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Explore, Design Studio.

3. search OSS Notes: within following components per particular BusinessObjects tool:
BI-RA-AD       SAP BusinessObjects DesignStudio
BI-RA-AO       Analysis, edition for MS Office
BI-RA-AWB    Analysis, edition for OLAP (Web)
BI-RA-BICS    BI consumer services
BI-RA-CR       SAP Crystal Reports, Business Views Manager
BI-RA-CRV     SAP Crystal Reports Viewer
BI-RA-DKI      Desktop Intelligence
BI-RA-DVP     Data Visualization package
BI-RA-EBI      Edge BI (Business Intelligence)
BI-RA-EXP     Polestar, Explorer
BI-RA-IA        SAP Crystal Interactive Analysis, desktop edition
BI-RA-VOY     Voyager
BI-RA-WBI     Web Intelligence
BI-RA-XL       Dashboards and Presentation Design

Full list of BusinessObjects’s OSS components is here.
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