Sunday, February 24, 2013

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.0 - replacement of BEx Query Designer and Web Application Designer

I just went through hand-on session on SAP BOBJ Design Studio 1.0 as shared on last year TechEd. Let me do short wrap up of think that captured from the session and which are interesting me a lot about SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Product was formerly known as “SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for application design” or “project ZEN”. With regards to client version SAP BusinessObjects Analysis as replacement for BEx Analyzer I posted information here.

-      Tool is has Eclipse based Design Time
-      Connectivity to Data source: BICS
-      Data source supports: BEx queries, infocubes, HANA view, more to come
-      UI technology based on HTML5 – apps run on all mobile devices
-      Specific iPad support, Android support to follow
-      Uses script language: BI Action Language (BIAL) based on JavaScript
-      Template support: for desktop and iPad apps
-      Integrated with BO 4.0
-      Design Time modes: local mode – apps are being saved in local machine; integrated mode - Connected to BI Platform

Installation comes as a two products:
-      Designer (frontend) tool - to build apps and connect to data sources, only for MS WIN platform
-      Backend tool - Add-On for BI Platform 4.0, to enable publishing of SAP BOBJ Design Studio apps
-      prerequisite for installation BI 4.0 SP5
-      where to download it from? /swdc -> Browse our Download Catalog -> Analytics Solutions -> SBOP DESIGN STUDIO -> SBOP DESIGN STUDIO 1.0

Product roadmap (as of Nov 2012):

-      SCN community homepage: SBOP Design Studio
-      SMP notes component: BI-RA-AD

Next release: version 1.2 Nov 2013

The most expected functionality of this tool in my eyes would be migration tool for BEx queries, WAD and even planning (BW-IP) applications. It was said in session that SAP plans to work on it. If this won’t be aavailable any time soon customer will stay stucked with BEx queries for long time.

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