Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grouping of InfoObjects in InfoProviders

This post to is to remember one nice functionality available in RSA1. It is related to InfoProviders and grouping of key figures. It comes very handy in case of huge InfoProviders with hundreds of KPIs.

In case of InfoCube/MultiProvider/VirtualProvider/HybridProvider objects - only for Key figures, characteristrics are grupped already through dimensions:

Here how does it look like:

 In case of DSO objects – available for grouing of Data Fields:



Anonymous said...

Beside the Sashakta trash spam...

Unfortunately you do not see the grouping in the list view / display data view of the DSO.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Anonymous,

you mean there is no grouping while browsing the data in DSO?
If it is so please notice that my blog is only discussing this possibility while designing the DSO. NOT while browsing the data.

BR, sapper