Monday, January 28, 2013

WebI hints

Today just very briefly about few things in WebI I recently observed:

1. Re-ordering sequence of several tabs within Webi: Sometimes it may happen that you create several tabs in your WebI. Afterwards you realize that sequence of them is not correct according your user requirements. You can reorder your tabs anytime in Page setup menu -> Move report:

2. Changing your WebI page orientation: similarly to point no 1 sometimes you need to change page orientation. Functionality is available within same menu:  Page setup menu -> Page-> Landscape/Portrait:

3. Landing tab of webi: In case you have several tabs in your WebI. You may want to set one of them to be opened as “default” once user is accessing it. So far I;m not aware that there is possibility ot set so called ”landing tab”. However what is working (at least in my case) is following: Stay in design mode of your WebI on the tab that you want to set as landing one. Then save your WebI. Once you access itthe webi the tab which you stayed in for last time before the saving will be the opening one. This will also apply when you transport the WebI into another system.

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