Sunday, October 28, 2012

Possibilities of BW projects documenting – Transformations

Some time ago I blogged about possibilities of BW BEx queries documenting. There are many other BW objects being developed during BW implementation that are also needed to be documented. In this post I focus on transformations. Following are the options to document transformation (TRFN) that I came across:  

1. BW metadata repository: It is available in TA RSA1 which you select particular TRFN and press F1 button. It open web browser with page generated out of web dynpro RSO_METADATA_REPOSITORY. You can either save this page in HTML format or embed it into your documentation as attached file. Other possibility is to just include URL link (e.g. http://host:port/SAP/BC/WEBDYNPRO/SAP/RSO_METADATA_ REPOSITORY?SAP-LANGUAGE=E&objvers=A&tlogo=TRFN&objnm= 0S75JWX2AOYX9XLI6D2TOKXH42ILYYNR ) to this page in your documentation.

2. Tabular overview: Functionality is available in TA RSA1: while you in display/change screen of TRFN choose Tabular overview from Extras menu. You get new pop up window with overview of all IOs used, Rules details, Start/End Routine. You can copy content of this window to your documentation via clipboard.

3. Save as picture: From display/change screen in TA RSA1 you have Save as picture functionality available. You can afterwards include this picture into your documentation.

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Anonymous said...

Very good info !!
Specially that related to tabular view from Transformation.
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