Monday, October 8, 2012

How to unlock objects locked in transport request

BW developers are usually using Transport Connection to manage the transport process. This tool helps in order to collect objects that were developed and that need to be imported into target BW systems. Transport Connection is available in “RSA1-> Transport Connection” on lest side pane or use TA RSOR. Sometimes it happens depending in its settings that the tool collects a lot of other objects. In case you put them to Transport Request (co called CTS no) and you do not want them to be transported you need to remove them from your TR.
To do this you can go to TA SE10 and remove them one by one. First switch to change mode of your TR. Then using minus button you can remove it.

But before you do so you need to unlock it:

If there are so many objects this might be quite time consuming. Therefore you can use TA SE03-> Unlock Objects (Expert Tool) to do the same job for all entries in particular TR.

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