Monday, October 8, 2012

Enhanced consistency check of BW transport

BW transports are not easy to handle. Transport BW objects is usually big pain. Especially in cases of large development with many developers, where objects are spread across the system in different transport requests (TR). We all know it; SAP knows it as well. Although there were promises to improve it; BW transport system has still long way to go.
However in BW 7.3 there are some updates on this topic. I found in presentation of BW 7.3 from March 2011 following statement:

Enterprise Data Warehousing Administration:
Support of complex development landscapes:
Before Export Check
Enhanced consistency check at the end of releasing the transport including checks on dependent objects which are not directly included in the transport request to prevent import errors in the target system (due to missing metadata objects)

I was wondering where I can find this functionality. Seems there is no special button incorporated in SE10, SE03 or transport connection (RSOR). Functionality takes in place when you do Release of transport in SE10. Then I found ABAP report RSO_TLOGO_CHECK_REQUEST which actually it does this check. All you need to do is to specify TR no. on selection screen:

If there is no error you just get green message in status bar. If there are errors you get popup informing you e.g. about missing objects (routines), inactive objects, objects which are no present in your TR but in some other TR, etc.
Of course it would be nice to have some extra button for that as well somewhere in SE10 :-) 
- update later on same day -

Always use sub task of your TR for this report. Otherwise system checks just TR and if you have no object in TR just in subtask your transport will be always positive but real objects won’t be checked!

- update 17/08/2015 -

I found that report RSO_TLOGO_CHECK_REQUEST is mentioned in official SAP online documentation: Consistency Check for Transport Requests

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