Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to find out Plug-in version?

I already discussed in one of my previous posts topic of BI_CONT, PI_BASIS, ST-PI, PI-A, R3-PLUG-IN. In that post I introduced concept of SAP data extraction and delivering it to SAP BW. Basically it is nothing else as SAP API (SAPI) framework for extraction of data from SAP systems. There is one exception. It is in case of SAP ByDesign (BBD) system. There is is delivered differently. 

SAPI is also referred by term plug-in Plug-In. As already mentioned in post mentioned above (BI_CONT, PI_BASIS, ST-PI, PI-A, R3-PLUG-IN see some differences?) in year 2005 SAP spitted PlugIn component into 2 parts: 

·         PlugIn – data sources
·         PlugIn Basis"(PI_BASIS) – contains SAPI framework

Later on as of SAP Basis version 7.00 data sources were moved to SAP application specific
Finally I’m coming into the topic how to find out version of your PlugIn Basis component? I was able to realize 2 ways so far:

1.    Running FM BWSAPI_GET_VERSION in TA SE37:

1.    Having a look into table RSSAPIVERS:

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