Friday, October 28, 2011

Business Server Page (BSP) error while application call based in IP address

Hello all ABAPers or rather to say BSPers J I just encounter strange error while I invoked my BSP application by URL comprised of IP address instead of usual hostname. I was forced to use IP address because we had an issue with nameserver/ DNS and call of server by its hostname failed. It was even clumsier to me when I realized that my BSP is failing with following error:

Business Server Page (BSP) error
What happened?
Calling the BSP page was terminated due to an error.
 SAP Note
The following error text was processed in the system:
      The URL contains no complete domain specification ( instead of<domain>.<ext>).
Exception Class CX_FQDN
Error Name      
Program            CX_FQDN=======================CP
Include CX_FQDN=======================CM002
ABAP Class        CX_FQDN
Method CHECK
Line      10
Long text          -
Error type: Exception
Your SAP Business Server Pages Team

By researching on SMP I realized that this is normal behavior. According following note:  

You can only call BSP only via “hostname based URLs”, like: <domain>.<ext>:<port>

Some more info on topic of URL requirements in SAP are can be found in note:

654982 - URL requirements due to Internet standards


Anonymous said...

this is an old and known issue. and it is not a blog subject. sorry man it is totally useless.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Anonymous, maybe it is old and known issue to you but it was not known to me and I guess there are many others not knowing that. Re subject: what subject you would suggest?
BR, sapper

Wotnop Dahc said...

Non SAP person here encountering the same issue with an application that uses a link to connect to SAP... We need to use the IP address vs the FQDN because we are opening up the specific network for that IP traffic. Was there a way to get the IP address url working?