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Consuming data from BW or BW/4 in BW based on ODP

In Classic BW systems the scenarios when BW serves a data to other BW systems involves creation of so called export DataSource (DS). That DS is created in source system and it has a naming convention 8*. In other BW system where the DS to be is consumed the export DS is replicated and means afterwards it is visible in the target system. From there on a data flow can be built on topo of that replicated DS.

In case of BW/4 system as target system the export DS are obsolete. There is no need to create the export data source anymore. While leveraging the ODP technology objects from source BW are available in the target DS. There is a large variety of supported objects like aDSO, Composite Providers, former BW Classic objects (infocubes, MultiProviders, Semantically partitioned objects, InfoSets, Query as InfoProviders) and finally InfoObjects as well. In case of the InfoObjects and its attributes, texts and hierarchy are supported within ODP-BW context.

Now how get the data from source BW target one? In the target BW just replicate the ODP-BW context node available BW. That activity is to be done in SAP HANA Studio. While doing it a list of available objects from source BW appears in popup window. From there you just choose the object(s) its data is needed to be loaded to target. Afterwards a newly created DS(s) will appear in the target BW. Their names are the same as the object in the sources just there is a postfix character describing the nature of data for the object:

*$F    - Transaction Data/Facts

*$P    - Master Data/Attributes

*$Q    - Time-Dependent Master Data/Attributes

*$T    - Texts

*$H    - Hierarchies


Just to add few more remarks on working with the ODP. Technically when the replication is triggered from target to source BW system there are following Function Modules that are called:





There is so called ODP extractor checker that can be used to test the extraction in source system. It is kind of a new RSA3 t-code that checked the extractors in case of classic S-API plug-in based extractor. In ODP based extraction it is an ABAP Program RODPS_REPL_TEST (ODP Replication Test) which serves the same purpose.

In addition, notice that ODP has gone some development are it is recommended to use the latest one, which is ODP Data Replication API 2.0. Version 2.0 is available as of:

SAP_BW 750 SP 0 (incl. former PI_BASIS packages)

DW4CORE 200 SP 0 (incl. former PI_BASIS packages)


More information:

Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)

Online docu - Transferring Data from SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA Systems via ODP (InfoProviders, Export DataSources)

2483299 - BW4SL & BWbridgeSL - Export DataSources (SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Datasphere, BW bridge as Source)

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