Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Enhanced Master Data Update

One of a new BW features that were introduced in BW4/HANA version is Enhanced Master Data Update. It can be enabled for a characteristics (attributes and/or texts) type of Info Objects. Only the characteristics that do have master data is supported. This feature brings a possibility of parallel loading of data to the IO. There are new tables created for the IO in case the feature is enabled. The tables are similar to inbound and active tables like aDSO object has. Like in the aDSO case also here the data is loaded first to inbound table. Upon the data activation the attribute and/or text tables of the IO are updated.

Advantage of this feature is while a huge portions of MD is being loaded and/or from multiple sources. It means that the data can be loaded in parallel. Delta mechanism is also supported.

The feature can be enabled in BW Modeling Tools of SAP Hana Studio on IO maintenance screen on general tab.

Technically the flag is stored in table RSDCHABAS column ENHANCED_MD_UPDATE. Its values referring to domain RSDMDUPDATEENH that has following 2 values:

0        Does not use enhanced master data update

1        Uses enhanced master data update


Once the enhanced MD updated is enabled for the characteristics the settings related to that can be maintained in t-code RSDMD_SETTINGS. The t-code refers to class CL_RSDMD_SETTINGS_CTRL and method MAINTAIN_SETTINGS.

In case of issues with the IO activation that error message complains about the Enhanced Master Data Update cannot be used for Char. X due to ... (e.g. message no R7B420, R7B428 etc.) there is an ABAP program RSD_CHA_ADAPT_DEFAULT_ENHMDUPD that fixes those.

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