Monday, September 21, 2020

EPM add-in not activated at MS Excel startup

In case EPM add-in crashes, the MS Excel automatically disables the add-in. That means it is not started automatically when the MS Excel starts, as it was normally the case before the crash. User needs to manually set it up in the MS Excel’s Options menu. Later when it is set - even the EPM add-in itself is set to be loaded it doesn’t load at the MS Excel start up.

This can be irritating as someone needs to load the add-in overtime the excel starts. It can be fixed by changing the Load Behavior (FPMXLClient.Connect LoadBehavior) in Window’s registry. The registry can be accessible via command regedit.exe – Registry Editor. The Load Behavior need to be set to value “Load at Startup”. A path in the Window’s registry is follows:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Office > Excel > Addins > FPMXLClient.Connect

While you are in that particular, settings in the Window’s registry set the value to 3 – which corresponds to the Load Behavior equal to “Load at Startup”. This guarantees that the load of the EPM Add-in happens automatically at the MS Excel startup. If for some reason the settings is changed frequently, one can create simple cmd (command) or bat (batch) file on OS Windows. By this the settings in the registry can be updated e.g. at Window’s startup on ad hoc basis whenever it happens that the add-in is not set to “Load at Startup” value.

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