Monday, September 21, 2020

Finding any process in Process Chain that deals with certain object

There is an easy way how to find out what is process chain uses particular objects. The object can be BW one like cube, DSO, IO, sub/remote chain or ABAP report, index etc. Particular objects are stored in table RSPCVARIANT that stores all the variants that are used in process chains. This table has column called TYPE which is Process Type. In another column, called VARIANTE is name of the Process Variant stored. The table has also fields LOW and HIGH where it is possible to put particular object like cube, DSO, etc.

Once the variant is known from table RSPCVARIANT the PC where the variant is used can be looked up from table RSPCCHAIN.

Let’s consider following example. One would be interested in all PCs where compression of cube 0TCT_C02 takes place. First a type of the process (in this case compression) TYPE=COMPRESS and cube tech name is entered into the table RSPCVARIANT. Afterwards all variants found in the table RSPCVARIANT are put as a restriction into column VARIANTE IN the table RSPCCHAIN. In returned list, all PCs where the variant is used are shown in column called CHAIN_ID.

Below are the types of variants that can be looked up in the table RSPCVARIANT

1. ABAP - Program Execution


2. Cube related types of PC variant like:

DROPCUBE    Data Target Contents


INDEX           Create Index

COMPRESS    Collapse

REQUDEL      Request in InfoCube

ROLLUP         Adjust

PLSWITCHL   Load Mode On

PLSWITCHP   Plan Mode On


3. DSO/ODS related types of PC variant like:


ODSPROCESS Further Processing

DSOREPLIC   DataStore Obj.-Repl.

CHGLOGDEL  Delete Change Log


4. Data source/PSA related types of PC variant like:

PSADELETE   Delete PSA Request



5. PC related types of PC variant like:
CHAIN           Local

REMOTE        Remote



ATTRIBCHAN Attrib. Change

DBSTAT        DB Statistics


MAIL             Message

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