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SAP Lumira product family and versions

As a follow up on my older post about Lumira on where to download it I’m adding more information about the Lumira it-self and also a list of available versions and corresponding release SAP Notes.

SAP Lumira is formerly known as SAP Visual Intelligence and it is successor of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.x. Following favors of the Lumira are available:

1.   SAP Lumira Server is a processing server for Lumira content on SAP BI Platform. Add-on installation to BI platform. Hosts execution runtime of Discovery stories and Designer applications. Business users view SAP Lumira documents within BI Launchpad.

2. SAP Lumira client part has the following components:

2.1 Lumira Discovery: Rich client application used to visualize and create ad-hoc stories about data. Targeting business key users to connect, acquire, manipulate, and merge data – work with live or imported data.

2.2 Lumira Designer: Rich client app for professional designers of corporate analysis applications based on SAP BW, SAP HANA and universe data sources. Supports shared UI elements (e.g. headers, footers, toolbars). Supports planning applications. It is the product of choice when full support for BW and HANA data models and engine capabilities is required

2.3 Launch pad viewer: Web application that acts a window for users to view information in the form of data, visualizations and reports. It also allows users to export the content to other business applications (like Microsoft Excel) and also to save it to a specified location. Users can also use various analytical tools to explore the information.

3. SAP Lumira Web Applications: This is embedded within the BI Launchpad and CMC applications to allow access to Lumira content within BI Launchpad and CMC (Viewer and Application).

4. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform server: This is where the SAP Lumira Server integrates into BOBJ platform.

5. SAP Lumira, server version for SAP HANA (LS4H): As of the Lumira version 1.28 SAP discontinued future updates to LS4H and Lumira Cloud. See this Note and blog.

Lumira         Latest SPS             Release Date (RTC)          Note
2.2               N/A                         N/A                                   N/A
2.1                init SPS                   15.12.2017                        2561565
2.0                SPS03                     15.11.2017                       2516330
SPS02                     14.08.2017                       2462799
SPS01                     19.07.2017                       2465894
init SPS                   13.04.2017                                
1.30              SPS30                     24.03.2016
1.29              SPS29                     24.03.2016
1.28              SPS28                     09.09.2015
1.27              SPS27                     29.06.2015
1.25              SPS25                     05.05.2015
1.24              SPS24                     27.04.2015
1.23              SPS23                     07.04.2015
1.22              SPS22                     06.02.20152
1.21              SPS21                     15.01.2015
1.20              SPS20                     30.10.2014
1.19              SPS19                     09.10.2014
1.18              SPS18                     31.07.2014                       2034979
1.17              SPS17                     14.06.2014
1.15              SPS15                     06.02.2014
1.14              SPS14                     17.12.2013
1.13              SPS13                     03.12.2013
1.12              SPS12                     03.10.2013
1.11              SPS11                     14.06.2013
1.10              SPS10                     30.04.2013
1.09              SPS09                     29.03.2013                       1885745
1.08              SPS08                     28.02.2013                       1840968
1.07              SPS07                     20.11.2012                       1840966
1.06              SPS06                     17.10.2012                       1776895
1.05              SPS05                     04.10.2012                       1772235
1.04              SPS04                     27.09.2012                       1772240
1.03              SPS03                     04.09.2012                       1772239
1.02              SPS02                     31.08.2012                       1772237
1.01              SPS01                     17.07.2012                       1772236
1.0               init SPS                   11.05.2012                      
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