Friday, September 29, 2017

How to get notification whether Process Chain ran?

There are some possibilities how to monitor runs of process chain in SAP BW system. It can also be achieved from web. However all these options are only informing about the PC status where it actually started to run at least partially. Means at least it reached to processing of the first process within the PC. From that very first process an message can be set up to inform user whether it ran successfully or it failed.

Now what about the PC didn’t run? How can user be informed that it for whatever reason didn’t run? There are not many options how to achieve this as far as I know. I created small ABAP custom program that can run as a job and will be checking the PC (name of the PC given on selection screen) whether it ran in last X days (X also provided on selection screen). Only coding that is missing is part that will send email. Check my other stuff on github for that.

Code available at my github:

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