Thursday, October 5, 2017

Seldom BEx query error “NODE_TO_NODEDR - (AXI) redesign query” while running in APD process

I encounter following error in my BEx query that didn’t run in APD. In my case it is very seldom error I didn’t experienced it very often. Basically the query doesn’t run and it produces following errors.

System error in program CL_RSDRC_SELDR_SRVS and form NODE_TO_NODEDR-01-            Message No. BRAIN299

This internal error is a targeted termination since the program has an incorrect status.
Error while getting data (AXI); redesign query               Message No. RSCRM027

The scenario in my case was that the query was part of APD process. When I ran the query standalone it worked just fine. Initially I assumed that it is caused by huge query output. However while disobeying limits on query result set it worked well in t-code RSRT. So it wasn’t about the large data set. There are few SAP Notes (2432897, 2098434, 2265753, 2146267 or 1505587) related to error but in my system based on BW 74 SP09 it turned out that all were already implemented. After more digging into SAP ONE Support Site I found a Note: 2265753 - MDX statement terminates with system error in program CL_RSDRC_SELDR_SRVS and form NODE_TO_NODEDR-01- which turned out to be the one that solved this situation. From the Note description it seems that the issue is related to calculation of members member used in the where-clause (slicer).

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