Friday, September 1, 2017

How to find existing workbooks in BW system

Here are few options how to find workbook in the SAP BW system.

1. Via BEx Analyzer: in menu of Analyzer called Open -> Open workbook. This give only list of workbooks that user is authorized to authorized to access to. Either via menu role, favorites etc.

2. Via Analyzer Office for MS Excel: in menu Analysis -> Open Workbook -> it can be opened either from BusinessObjects platform or from SAP NetWeaver platform. Here again only access to the workbooks that user is authorized to access. Just these workbooks are not those created in BEx Analyzer but either migrated to AfO or newly created in AfO.

3. Via RSA1 – Metadata Repository: in t-code RSA1 -> Modeling -> Metadata Repository all the workbooks from all users available are listed. While drilling into it all details like what queries are used in the WB, who created it, when, last change and many others also can be found.

4. Via ABAP – FM RRMX_WORKBOOK_LIST_GET. If you need to deal with available workbooks in your custom ABAP program you can use this FM to get list of the existing workbook. Input parameters are just 2:
I_SORT                          1           “comes by default
I_ALL                           Y            “needs to be supplied

Output is a table E_LIST which has all information about the workbooks like:
WORKBOOKID - GUID of the workbook      
TITLE                      - Long description
FILESIZE                 - workbook file size in bytes
QUERYCOUT             - no of queries used in the workbook      
TYPE                      - Indicator: InfoCatalog type
TSTPNM                  - Last changed by user
TIMESTMP               - Last changed on date and time in timestamp format

5. t-code RRMXP – program RRMX_START_EXCEL, here you can specify workbook technical ID and once it is entered it opens BEx Analyzer with particular workbooks.

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