Friday, September 22, 2017

Issue while determine text for fiscal period related IOs

Some time ago I spotted strange behavior in BEx query related to text of fiscal period IOs. In case of 0FISCPER when I entered value of 01.2012 on the query selection screen the text associated with it appeared as March 2012. Similarly for other months there were texts that didn’t correspond to the entered months at all. Also in query output where values of all variables used in query were shown the text again didn’t match the entered fiscal period.

In case of the 0FISCPER the texts are taken from standard SAP table T009C - Period names. The table has also field Fiscal Year Variant (PERIV) specified as a key field. From that fact it is obvious that to get proper value of text for particular fiscal period the Fiscal Year Variant must be present in the query. If the key of Fiscal Year Variant is not present in the SELECT statement that used by query to retrieve the text then first entry that fulfils the SELECT is taken and most likely it is wrong.

Actually in case of my query where the texts of fiscal period didn’t work was missing 0FISCVARNT IO in the query. Once I added the 0FISCVARNT into the query global filter (restricting it to value of K4 in my case) issue was fixed. The query properly determined the text of fiscal period used in the query.

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