Thursday, August 31, 2017

Was BEx query changed directly in production system?

Sometime s it may become useful to check whether BEx query wasn’t changes directly in production system. Some eager user may just did it perhaps by accident? Also BW admin may need to do it to fix hot production issue when it was really urgent.

I’m not going to discuss here what are all pitfalls of doing changes to the BEx queries directly in production systems. Just to mention few: systems in landscape are out of sync, duplicates query elements (GUIDs      ) when using same name for query (or its elements) when is recreated in development and transported to the production, etc.

Anyhow query changed directly in the production system can be seen in many BW systems. Basically how to find out whether particular query was changed directly in the production? This information is stored in table RSZCOMPDIR. It stores data about query components so called - directory of reporting components. Here an field CHANGED_WITH is available. It can have below values for particular query:

VALUE                    MEANING
                 BEx Query Designer
1                           Web Item for Ad-Hoc Query Design
2                           Design Planning Selection Object
C                           Activate SAP Content
F                           Function RSZ_DB_ELT_COPY_INTO_OBJVERS
R                           Program COMPONENT_RESTORE
T                            Transport
N                           Transient element, requires processing (not persisted)
3                           Java Query Designer (Eclipse based BW Modeling Tools - BWMT)

Whenever you get T value of the field for the query you know it is just fine. The query was transported. In case there is a blank value it is obvious that the query was changed directly in that system.

While I’m writing about the RSZCOMPDIR table there are couple more of useful fields in there:

OWNER         User who created the query
TSTPNM        Last changed by user
LASTUSED     Time Stamp of when a component (queries and filters) was executed as a part of corresponding query object
TSTPDAT       Date when the component was changed on
TSTPTIM        Time when the component was changed at
CREATED       Time Stamp when the component was created
TIMESTMP      Time Stamp the component was changed at

More information:
1760688 - Update of the LASTUSED timestamp for query components

2020974 - Facts about the "Last Changed Time" for a BW Query

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