Thursday, August 17, 2017

Not possible to trigger PC - Status F has already been reported to instance…

Under certain circumstances BW system is not able to trigger execution of Process Chain (PC). In the monitoring of the PC (e.g. RSPC1) there is no log that PC ran despite the fact that it was schedule to run. While checking corresponding job that was supposed to kick it off there is following messages displayed:

1. Start process TRIGGER in run 5AWPM9VCLJIWE4ARYHETSP4EA of chain

2. NO_MORE_SPACE: Can not create MTE: no more space: no more MESSAGE_CONTAINER slots available

3. Status F has already been reported to instance 5AXLA3PBRY95MBO9I9159UXKY, variant , in run 5AWPM9VCLJIWE4ARYHETSP4EA

Issue is caused by fact that Monitoring Tree Elements (MTEs) has not enough space to be created. Therefore whole activity is stopped and not performed.  The MTEs (or MTE classes) are objects within SAP Monitoring Framework (component BC-CCM-MON). In general MTEs are part of CCMS. The CCMS is Centralized Computing Center Management System. It is SAP component that provides a range of monitors for monitoring the SAP systems. It is used to evaluate behavior of the SAP processing environment. The MTEs of CCMS They can be reviewed see t-code RZ20 for SAP Basis CCMS or in t-code BWCCMS for CCMS of BW.

The MTE class is rule-based node in monitor definition. MTE classes contain information on general properties and method assignments for monitoring objects and attributes.

Issue of not running PC can be resolved by below activities:

1. System profile parameter called alert/MONI_SEGM_SIZE shall by increased. This can be done in t-code RZ11.

2. Changing setup of MTEs related to PCs: T-code RZ21 -> Methods -> Method definitions -> Display Overview. Open items RSPC_CCMS_AGENT and subsequently RSPC_CCMS_STARTUP by double click on it. On the "Parameters" tab, set param value to a lower value for: DAYS_TO_KEEP_LOGS and LOGS_TO_BE_KEPT.

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