Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Administration of BW workbooks

By term a workbook we refer to MS Excel file that contains a worksheet(s) having SAP BW queries inserted in. Basically when the workbook is stored it physically contains data pulled from SAP BW system via BEx Query. The workbooks can be either stored on the SAP BW backend or locally in user’s workstation.

In case the users are using the SAP BW system to store their workbooks after same time there can be a huge number of the workbooks pilling up on the server. The BW administrator therefore shall take care about it and do maintenance of the workbooks. There is couple of tools (ABAP reports) provided by SAP to support this task. Below I briefly introduce them.

I wrote similar post about the workbook deletion earlier here. This one is more general with regards to the workbook maintenance.

Report RSR_WORKBOOK_ADMINISTRATION (t-code RSRWBADMIN) – it takes care about mass deletion of the BW workbooks from the system. Multiple criteria are available on its selection screen. There are selection fields like Workbook Version/ ID/Owner, Last Changed by, Last Changed on, Workbook Size (Kb), Number of Changes, Number of Reads, Workbook Extension, Original System etc. Once the workbooks are found according the selection then either one or many can be deleted from report’s output screen. This report is dedicated to version 7.30 and 7.40 of the SAP BW.

Report RSR_WORKBOOK_ADMIN (t-code RSRWBADM) – same as above but dedicated to versions 7.00 and 7.11 of the SAP BW.

Report COMPONENT_REORG (t-code RSZDELETE) – generic t-code which also is performing a deletion of BW BEx queries. It utilizes FM RRMX_WORKBOOKS_DELETE  to perform deletion. It can be used as explained in my other post: Deletion of BEx workbooks

Report RRMX_WORKBOOKS_UNTOUCHED_PURGE - delete unreferenced (orphaned) workbooks. These are the workbooks that are not referenced to any role, there are no in any user’s favorites or there are no in any InfoCatalog. Report has also an option to specify on selection screen so called “Minimum age (in days)” however this field/variable is later not used in the code so the field has no meaning. Tested on version SAP_BW 740     SP09.

Report RRMX_WORKBOOKS_GARBAGE_COLLECT - identifies and removes orphaned workbooks. The report has no other option available on selection screen apart of checkbox “Delete workbooks found”. Basically it does the exactly the same as *_PURGE report

FM RSBB_WHERE_USED_LIST – provides a where used list of a workbook in activity groups.

Report RSWB_ROLES_REORG - Reorganization of the workbook and role storage. It checks the assignment of the workbooks to roles and the workbooks to favorites in both directions and it deletes assignments of non-existent IOs.

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