Thursday, March 26, 2015

SAP fieldglass

SAP bought this company in 03/2014 and solution for Workforce & Vendor Management Software (VMS) appeared in its portfolio. Vendors or let’s say extended workforces or contingent workers either temporary staff, contractors of all kinds and services delivered via statements of work can be managed by SAP fieldglass. As market of software for contingent workforce is raising this field together with growth of cloud computing became interesting for SAP. Solution is cloud based only and it offers whole bunch of processes to support these kinds of vendor’s data. Processes covers include procurement, statements of work, project management, and payment.

From integration to other SAP’s products point of view the plans are there to integrate the fieldglass with SAP's SuccessFactors HCM software and SAP’s Ariba Network. On top of that integration is planed with ECC’s HCM application. Needless to say that with advert of SAP HANA there will be a kind of HANA powered version of the fieldglass delivered soon or later.

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Unknown said...

Hello. I am new to Fieldglass and work in an environment which relies heavily on manually extracting data from it into a SQL environment. I am under the impression that setting up an automated ETL process is not something native to Fieldglass, but was wondering if a Python program could be written to pull the data and then integrated into an SSIS workflow.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi B Pocock,

I not specialist in fieldglass therefore can't much say about it with relation to your question. You may want to post this question into fieldglass community forums available at: