Friday, April 10, 2015

Not possible to trigger Process Chain

I recently faced strange situation regarding process chains. It was in system freshly copied form other one.  I wasn’t able to run any of the PC. It didn’t matter whether I tried to run it from tcode like RSPC or via FM (RSPC_CHAIN_START). The PC just didn’t run I there was following work process shown running ABAP report: SAPLRS_GENERAL.

First I tried to reactivate the PCs. It didn’t help nut it gave me a clue pointing to some of processes within the chain which had warnings like this one:

Too many parallel processes for chosen server
Message no. RSPC118

On the server you have chosen, there are only 0 batch processes available. The process chain has been designed in such as way that 3 processes must be processed parallel.

System Response
Only 0 processes can be processed parallel. Note also that to be able to start sub-chains, AT LEAST TWO free batch processes must be available. Otherwise a lock situation may arise.
For more information, see SAP Note 621400.

Reduce the number of parallel processes in the chain or include sub- chains. This warning applies to all relevant processes.

Procedure for System Administration
Increase the number of batch processes available. You should note however that it makes no sense to set up more batch processes than there are CPUs on server.

Based on this I checked how work processes are configured in the system. I saw that there were no background (BGD) work processes available at the moment in the system.

After contacting Basis team; they adjusted no of background work processes in tcode RZ04.

Further information:
621400 - Number of required BTC processes for process chains
519059 - FAQ: Background processing system
1626778 - Consulting: Load distribution of BW background jobs

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