Monday, March 9, 2015

BW upgrade: not possible to display generated program for Transformation

After physical import of support packages into the BW system in case of SAP BW upgrades there may all kinds of errors occur. One of very common ones are related to the transformations. During the upgrade the transformations are reset which means generated programs behind them need to be regenerated. This can be done via ABAP report called RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE. This report can be used to reactivation of transformations which means the GP* will be reactivated or to just check what transformations are inactive.

There is a functionality within the UI of transformation (weather it is TA RSA1 or RSTRANGUI) which allows to see the GP* which is behind the particular transformation. It is accessible via menu Extras -> Display Generated Program.

While accessing this function for transformation which is broken we can run into the following error:

Unable to find a tool to process the request
Message No. SEU_MANAGER026

To solve this first it is necessary to have a look at what stage the transformation is. If there are errors (e.g. Transformation XYZ contains invalid rules Message No. RSTRAN344) with the transformation indicated by Check function then most likely the TRFN has no GP* generated and it even can’t be generated because there is no entry in table TRDIR for the transformation. In this case solve the issue within source and target objects of the transformation. Afterwards see the transformation itself.

In case all objects around the transformation look okay see if there are any SAP Notes applicable. This is especially valid for lower releases of BW than 7.0.

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