Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to change broadcast setting’s owner?

Recently I worked at client where they have a lot of reports broadcasted to the users and delivered by email. Corresponding broadcast settings are associated with user who is a so called owner of the broadcast. The user is SAP BW backend user. The email ID from the user master data is taken and it appears as a sender for those email broadcast as well. The owner of the broadcast is the one who created that particular broadcast setting. Once gut who has done that leaves an organization and his user gets lock or deleted from BW backend the emails do not work anymore. Even if you decide to do not delete the user for sake of having the broadcast functioning it will confuse your users because that will be keeping getting an email who left the company long time ago.

How to solve this? As per SAP Note 2011832 the “best” approach is to recreate the broadcast settings with other valid user. E.g. system one like DDIC. However who wants to touch which works very well? Therefore easy workaround is to develop custom ABAP reports which updates field OWNER of table RSRD_SETTING. And that’s it!

PS: I created idea at to turn attention of SAP development to this missing feature.

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