Tuesday, October 8, 2013

“Last data update” in Analysis Office (AO)

As BusinessObjects Analysis Office (AO) is about to replace Bex in near future there are a lot of features that are being added to AO. One of the features that BEx web reporting has is “Last data update” in web reporting. Basically it shows the latest date and time of loads in all InfoProvider involved in Multiprovider on which particular report is based on. Similar functionality is offered in Analysis Office for MS Excel.

In version of AO this functionality is accessible from menu Info Field -> Last Delta Update or you can drg&drop it from Information tab of right side toolbar. Basically functionality is built into AO’s Excel add-in as macro and there are 2 functions available:

=SAPGetSourceInfo("DS_1", "LastDataUpdate")
=SAPGetSourceInfo("DS_1", "LastDataUpdateMaximum")
1st function returns the oldest load and 2nd one the newest load. First parameter is always the name of report (AO calls it DataSource) inserted into Excel’s worksheet.

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