Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TA to maintain Variables Screen for Variable Selection of BEx reports run in TA RSRT

Recently I found TA RSLWSPVARSCREEN in SAP NetWeaver BW based systems. I was wondering what purpose it has. At first sight it deals with variable screen of BEx reports. However this is limited to only variants which are used in TA RSRT. So basically if you have some custom functionality build on top of TA RSRT plus you have stored variants of BEx query used in TA RSRT you may use TA RSLWSPVARSCREEN to maintain/adjust variant.

And here’s how you maintain variant:

Selection screen of TA RSLWSPVARSCREEN loos like following:

Off course you can still use TA RSRT to the same.

TA as itself is liked to ABAP report RSL_UTIL_CALL_VARSCREEN. Currently there is only one SAP Note which mentions this TA:

1642127 - Workspace: Variable scrn for variable maintenance (back end)

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