Friday, March 8, 2013

Few more BEx messages 5

Yeah, BEx error messages are getting popular J Here’s some new related to formulas in the BEx queries. If for some reason your formula is not present in BW’s backend tables following messages is thrown:

InfoObject 1FORMULA is not available in version A
Message no. R7245

Formulas are stored in table RSZCALC in backend. Simply formula got corrupted. You need investigate with help of following tools: SAP_GLOBV_CHECK, ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES, ANALYZE_MISSING_ELEMENTS, QUERY_CHECK, RSRQ_QUERYDEFINITION.

Same sort of BEx error messages is following one:

Function module RSD_ZGRAPERU_TXT_GET does not exist
Message no. EU802

Again I suggest to proceed with the above mentioned tools.
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