Monday, March 25, 2013

Licensing of SAP software

Cost of SAP licenses is always very sensitive topic. There tons of information related to at some extent to this topic available on internet. However most of them is just about how SAP is expensive. You need to recognize between procurement costs once you decide to implement. This includes cost of work done by people who will be working on the implementation. After you deployed the software you need to consider standard cost paid to SAP as maintenance cost. 

There is not much clarity available once it comes to how much particular SAP license cost. SAP as a company is even contributing to these fuzzy and cloudy topic. Traditionally you couldn’t hear a much about the topic on SAP official pages as well. Usually SAP was always referring to this as “please contact your SAP account sales manager for more details.” It was no wonder that SAP customer were (and they still are) making large noise once SAP decide to increase any of license costs.

There is an effort visible done by SAP recently in this field. SAP recently came up with so called “A Guide for Buyers to Licensing SAP Software”. Document can be found here:

Mirror at can be found here.

Purpose of guide is to get customers acquainted on different possibilities of licensing scenarios.


Pratik Bhatt said...


Request to let me know that
if i am supporting a customer who has purchased SAP. then do i need to pay anything for SAP GUI installation to SAP ? is there any restriction on # of installations ?

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Pratik,

there is no cost associated with SAP GUI. Basically SAP is giving GUI for free with any commercial SAP system installation as well as with trial/demo versions of the SAP software. So even you wouldn't be working for customer who has bought SAP software you would be okay to use SAP GUI.
Also there is no restriction with no of installations. Customers can buy as many SAP systems as many they want.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to know if anybody has any information regarding license activations if not under an AMC contract with SAP.

I have purchased PI licenses and activation is pending because of non payment of AMC dues. The reason of non payment of dues is genuine and SAP insists that we pay the AMC dues to activate the said licenses.

Kindly reply on my mail ID: