Friday, December 28, 2012

Zero suppression in BO WebI

Here another story on topic of pursuing initiatives of moving away from BEx and trying to replace it by another reporting tool from BusinessObjects portfolio. 

Zero suppression is already known to BW developers from BEx Query Designer. Here you can set up this feature for particular key figure. However in WebI this feature is working differently. In BEx it is defined in the axis but in Webi it can be set for rows. Therefore it could let to collision. This is resolved in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0 as of Feature Pack 3 where it can be set up similarly to the BEx. Notice that these settings are available in menu of Format Table or Format Chart pop-ups.

For further details see following SAP Notes:
1751883 - Zero suppression explained (filter out 0 values)
1611185 - Usage of BEx Queries via BICS in Web Intelligence 4.x

Other stories topic of leveraging BEx queries in the BusinessObjects tools:

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