Monday, December 17, 2012

HANA related transactions in SAP NetWeaver based systems

Here I’m providing (so far) short list of TAs related to HANA. I’m sure that there are plenty of others; these are just what I came across so far.

HDBC - configuration of HANA's ERP Accelerators in ECC systems. Provides: overview of available accelerators, configuration of HANA connections, de/activate individual Accelerator, check status of secondary DB connection, overview of replicated tables by particular Accelerator, replication control (LTR), generic open framework, API for tables/views handling on HANA

SE16H – For purposes of access data from SAP HANA database directly from the ERP system. Also to display this data in the ERP system. In this way you do not need SAP HANA Studio. In this TA you can also make sure that table from where the data is provisioned ot HANA are properly replicated into HANA. As SE16H works with SE16N you need some more SAP notes to be implemented, see SAP Note 1636416.

SETHANA_ACTIVATOR - Activation of HANA set hierarchies, by this you can replicate your hierarchies from ECC application to HANA DB. See SAP Note 1658252.

RSDD_HM_PUBLISH – Allows publishing of SAP HANA Models (Analytic and Calculation views) built in HAVA e.g. to BW’s environment. Simplified process: selecting HANA model and accepting its fields (dimensions and measures) system generates the metadata in the form of Analytic Index. In TA RSDD_LTIP you can maintain the Analytic Index afterwards.

RSMIGRHANADB - Conversion of BW infoproviders (e.g. so called classic infocubes, DSO and SPO objects) to In-Memory Optimized form.

KEHC – customizing of CO-PA Accelerator in ECC system.

KEIP – generation of CO-PA virtual infoprovider for CO-PA Accelerator.

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