Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why process chain gets triggered after transport?

Having process chain’s start variant set to "Immediate start" may cause you troubles. Especially in case when you transport this PC to further system in your SAP BW landscape. By default system triggers such a PC and this causes its execution. Really such a PC is simply executed right after import of transport is finished in the target system.

There are few possibilities how to prevent this. Starting with really silly solution: That would be to transport PCs w/o starting variant. But who would do that? I want all my PCs be runnable and consistent across whole system landscape.

Other would be to schedule PC to some data/time which is really far in the future. Again; why I would bother myself with this if usually I had my PC tested to run in specific time.

Fortunately SAP considered this issue and is offering solution. To be precise since SP#19 for BW 7.0 there is a parameter in RSADMIN table. Parameter is called:

NO_TP_SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE and to enable it must have a value X.

Parameter is available via SAP Note: 1233327 - Correction: Scheduling of immediate start for transport.

To learn how to setup parameters in RSADMIN table click here.


Juha said...

Hi Sapper,

There is even a easier way to avoid triggering. Before transport you can select in scheduling options 'Start using Meta Chain or API'.
After transport just tick 'Direct scheduling' back :-)


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Juha,

thanks for sharing another possibility!

cheers, sapper