Saturday, January 1, 2011

Possibilities of BEx Queries documenting

A lot of people are struggling with BEx queries in lot of areas. For example when you need to know how particular key figure is calculated. This can be very painful even more in case you have several nested structures where one key figure is comprised from several others and those are again calculated, restricted etc over and over again.
However there are some possibilities how to see query in different view apart of regular development tool – Bex Query Designer.

  1. TA RSRTQ (ABAP report RSRQ_QUERYDEFINITION) - Query Definition.

On selection screen of this tool you can choose the query which definition you would like to see. On the output screen you can see all particular properties of the query: Query Properties, Filter, Characteristic Restrictions, Selection, Default Values, Rows/Columns, Free Characteristics, Rows, Columns, Cells, Formulas, etc.


  1. Metadata repository, this is pretty know method how to see basic properties of BEx Query. You can access it from TA RSA1->Metadata Repository:


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