Saturday, January 1, 2011

BW Accelerator Consulting Services by SAP AG

I have write few posts about SAP services provided by SAP Active Global Support (AGS) like BW Go live Optimization session and moreover also about how to prepare your BW systems for those sessions. In current post I focus on services provided by SAP AG for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator (BWA). Notice that BWA was renamed from Business Intelligence Accelerator (BIA) in January 2009.
There are 2 main groups of BWA services:

1. Consulting services:

1.A Pulse Check Service: Aim is to identify possible BI Accelerator use cases or changes to implement it in your landscape.
- Data model analysis, collection of key BI Accelerator queries.
- Evaluation of key queries on customer system (to identify critical impact of BI Accelerator on queries and maintenance).

1.B. Proof-of-Concept Service:
- Lab environment (remote): Customer provides real business data to SAP
- Customer system (on-site): Evaluation of predefined query scenarios with BI Accelerator on customer BW 7.0 production system.

1.C. Full Implementation Service: Regular implementation of BWA through complete implementation cycle.
- Installation, Configuration and Upgrades
- Performance Optimization Activities
- Post-Installation Assistance

1.D. Health Check: Help existing customers to maximize performance of BWA.

2. workshops:

W26BII (INTRODUCTORY) High-level introduction for new users
1. Architecture and Infrastructure
- TREX/BW Accelerator Services
- BW Accelerator Engine Details
- BW Accelerator Index Concepts
2. Operating BW Accelerator
- Creating BW Accelerator Indexes
- Updating BW Accelerator Indexes
- Query Execution with BW Accelerator
3. Administration and Maintenance
- BW Accelerator Monitor (RSDDBIAMON2)

W26BIA (ADVANCED) Deep technical knowledge for power users
1. Administration and Maintenance
- Installation and Upgrades
- Adding and Removing Blades
- Python TREX Administration Tool
- TREX AlertServer
- Resource Usage Analysis
2. Performance Analysis and Optimization
- Indexing Performance
- Query Performance
3. Troubleshooting
- Root-Cause Analysis
- Advanced Monitoring Concepts
- High Availability
For details of those services see here.

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