Saturday, April 17, 2010

Strange question marks appeared in SAP user interface?

Have you ever seen in SAP transaction’s strange menu items looking like "????????". It can be whole menu item for example or it juts partly contains such strange question marks. Might be that you also experienced this freshly after system upgrade. Even language can be different or more likely mixed. So at first sight it looks like really strange. Actually a reason is from SAP basis point of view quite clear. 

There are two possible cases:  
1.    Memory area where texts for user interface are stored has simply exceeded. Text in its string form is too large to fit into this memory. In this case you need to check system profile parameters: ztta/cua_area and ztta/short_are.  Use report RSPARAM or TA RZ10, RZ11 to do so.

2.    User interface is not generated or it is incorrectly generated. In this case analyze what is particular user interface (check it in menu System->Status, which is present in every SAP screen). Then use Screen Painter tool (TA SE41) to regenerate it.

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