Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SAP NetWeaver Business Client - where to download it?

In addition to my older post related to SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)
I'd like to provide a download link where this software can be downloaded.

Go to OSS and navigate to Software Download Center @ service.sap.com/swdc
-> Download -> Installations and Upgrades -> Installations and Upgrades - Entry by Application Group -> SAP Frontend Components -> NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT -> Installation.

- 20/07/2011 update -
Path on OSS where you can download NWBC has changed.Therefore I'm updating this post:
swdc -> Browse Our Download Catalog -> Installations & Upgrades -> SAP Frontend Components -> NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT -> NWBC NW BUSINESS CLIENT 3.0 ->

- 08/11/2011 update -
Instead of navigating on OSS you can use following shortened URL:
for downloading NWBC
Currently there is NWBC NW BUSINESS CLIENT version 3.0 available as of 22.06.2011.

- 04/10/2013 update -
service.sap.com/swdc -> SAP Frontend Components -> NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT -> Browse our Download Catalog
NWBC NW BUSINESS CLIENT 3.5 – part of SAP GUI 7.3 installations
NWBC NW BUSINESS CLIENT 4.0 – download from here http://goo.gl/eGh5i or here.

- 12/08/2014 update -
Again installation files were moved within Download area of SCN. This time navigation is like following: service.sap.com/swdc -> Installations and Upgrades -> N -> NetWeaver Business Client -> currently there are versions 3.5 and 4.0 available

Please notice that links are being changed very often on SAP’s SMP. Therefore if you find broken link on this page go to service.sap.com/swdc and navigate to particular area. Also notice that you need to have valid SMP credentials in order to be able to download SAP’s software.

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