Monday, January 22, 2007

SAP NetWeaver 2004s ABAP miniSAP - installation

It ‘s been 5 years that I’m using miniSAP based on basis version 4.6. I obtained it as a CD included in ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications book.

At that point of time it was extremely useful for me to have such a nice playground to try my first ABAP codes and getting into basis module. I ran it on my notebook so I was able to play with it in time that I could not use more effectively like on airports, in trains and etc. After years passed and SAP introduced first version of WAS it was 6.10 I tried to install it to my laptop as miniSAP as well.

But version like 6.10 and 6.20 I didn’t find very useful and due to the fact that I had a high volume of my ABAP codes running in 4.6 I stayed with this version. Anyway the new functionally like more OO oriented ABAP, BSP, webdynpro and other new featured of WAS forced me to taka a look on the newest WAS version 7.10. On the download section of SDN they released SAP NetWeaver 2004s ABAP miniSAP on approximately early of autumn of 2006. Because I’m interesting in ABAP stack of SAP NetWeaver Application Server I’ve downloaded Full ABAP Edition-Trial (with Web Dynpro for ABAP).

If you plan to install it please reserve at least 4 hours to do this. The time depends on you hardware. SAP recommends using computer with 1GB of RAM and during the installation you need to have at least 21GB on your hard drive. Later on database size will be about 8.8GB on drive. Please consider that database size will be growing very fast while you will be working with the system. Every transaction you getting in generate compiled version of objects and this activity eats space rapidly. Therefore I do not recommend installing other languages into system again because of database size. If I remember clearly my miniSAP 4.6 had 2GB size in database level. After 5 years using it had 4 GB size of database. MiniSAP NW 2004s has 8.8GB after installation. It is really impressive. One thins is that BW 7.0 is included in this version of miniSAP as well. On other hand basis module from 6.4 to 7.0 got as lot of new functionally and SAP changed database system as well. On 6.4 it was MS SQL Server now it is MaxDB.

So within the next screenshots is described installation procedure:

1. Once you run setup you need to accept license agreement:

2. You choose installation folder and master password:

3. So we are ready to go!

4. Couple of screens when installation goes during the installations stages:

5. Done!

6. Here’s SAP Management console:

7. First logon:

If you are interesting in running of SAP BW. You need to login to 001 client as SAP* create your own user in SU01 transaction and log in with your own user. Then run Administration workbench of BW (RSA1) and create and assign of logical system to your client, replicate DataSources form its own BW system.

8. So RSA1 here it comes:

P.S. In this version BW comes with no Business Content (BCT). I’m wondering if someone was able to install BCT to this miniSAP :-).


Anonymous said...

Hello sapper,

very good & informative post.

I think we can see most of these screen shots in the installtion manual PDF.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Pranky,

I haven't seen installation manual so far :-) and most likely I wont see it.


Unknown said...

Hi ,

I have installed NEtweaver 7.0 , successfully.
I Logged in to client 000 with DDIC or BCUSER, change active client to 001
Run SE16, edit table RSADMINA, field BWMANDT = 001 ( or 1 ). This step is fine.
Created the new user e.g. NWUSER and grant SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW
Run SU01, give name NWUSER, tab 'profiles', put SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW

But when i try to login into client 001 ,with the new user that is NWuser i am not able to login . i have tried to login so many times. But the same user i am to login into client 000 but not able to login in client 001.
I need to login in to 001 to set up the logical system .

Please help me and let me know how to login into client 001.


Unknown said...

Please reply. Is there any other user name and password for client 001 . As i am not able to login with sap*/pass or sap*/minisap or 06071992.

Please help with the username and password for 001 client.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Xyz, log into client 001 with user: DDIC password: minisap. Then run SU01 and create some user for you with authorizations: SAP_ALL SAP_NEW... Finally log into 001 with your new user... and enjoy beauty of SAP BW :)

Unknown said...

Hi ,
I have tried to logon with ddic/minisap and sap defined password 06071992 or 19920607, but not able to logon with anything . please help what should i do now.


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Xyz, check is 001 client is set up in your system. Browse table t000 in transaction SE16. There should be as many entries as you would have clients in system. I suppose at least 2 entries: clients: 000 and 001. Eventually run transaction SCC4 and check if 001 clients exits there.
If there is no 001 client in your system you have to setup some new client in TA SCC0. P.S. Setup new client is not some simple operation you would need some SAP basis skills. :)

pvmk said...

I am new to sap. I have created user as per your instructions.I see both 000 and 001 in the table. But when i login using the new user into the client 001, i getting a screen to select create or assing or cancel. Please help me.


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi PVMK, Can you specify this "screen to select create or assign or cancel" in more detail? Is it error message? Finally you got login to 001 client?

pvmk said...

After logging into the client 000 using ddic, created user. And then logged with new user into the client 001. In transaction code i entered rsa13 for bw workbench i am getting the screen create,assign and cancel. Please tell me what mistake i am doing.


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi PVMK, to proceed with you problem see my second part of miniSAP installation here.

souad said...

I installed sap netweaver 7.01 abap trial version succeffully.
Now i want to setting up bi.
I follow your step but i don't know how to active client 001.
1/ I logged with user bcuser password:minisap
2/ How i change active client to 001
Please could you give i clear steps to chang active.
If you speak french can i give me this steps on french



Unknown said...


I want to install sap netweaver abap 7.0 version onto my laptop however i can not finish the installation as everytime i start the application server following comments pop up:

"Error! connection failed to node (local) for database NSP
- 24700 Err_DMBSRV_nostart could not start dmb server
- 24701, ERR_EXHNDLR could not initialize exception handler
- 24748, err_fileopen: error opening file

Can you please help me with this or can you tell me where to download this trial version from the internet?
Can this be because of I have windows vista? I have heard they might be responsible for problems of this kind sometimes.

Thanks, Milan.

Raghu said...


I have successfully installed ABAP Netweaver 2004S . But when I start application server, getting
Timed out

My OS is XP Pro Sp3. pl. advise on how to fix this. my email id: any help on this is much apreciated


João said...

it is possible to install the last minisap in sql server 2005