Monday, January 15, 2007

ABAP code sharing make easy

Exchange of ABAP source code is normally really pain in the ass. Basically you can have a lot of different types of ABAP objects. It can be ABAP report/program, function module, dynpro (screen), form (SAPscript/SmartForm), or any other type of RICEF-W objects. SDN has recently started an initiative called SAPlink. Via this tool you can easily exchange several types of objects under SAP development. There is an plug-in concept introduced (plug-ins are called nuggets) within this tool so number of exchangeable objects will be higher in the future as soon as new nuggets will be released.

Documentation is available here. You can download it from here. Here is an impressive growing amount of projects which using SAPlink. The tool is distributed under GNU General Public License 2.0. I really enjoyed this tool! Thanks SDN. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Actually this isn't written by SDN or even directly supported by SAP. It is written by a team of committed open source developers. The SAPlink contributors page lists everyone who has helped out.

Also, just to clear things up Nuggets are actually the packaging system for SAPlink many single objects ( Slinkees ) are contained in one Nugget ( a package ). It just so happens that some of the plug-ins are complex enough to be nuggets. Thanks for posting about the project and I'm really glad you enjoyed using the tool.