Monday, January 15, 2007

Creation of text table in ABAP Dictationary

ABAP programmers are often suppose to save language depended data within ABAP applications. One of the possible way how to store such a data is to create a text table for transparent table in ABAP dictationary tool (TA code: SE11).

Let's create transparent table with following structure:

We would like to store for field name "last_name" different values depend on the language in which user is logged into SAP system. In this manner we create another table which we actually call text table. Text table has field "last_name" which is linked via foreign key to our first table:

Foreign key is created for field "last_name" in text table ZMM_FIRST_TABLET to field "last name" in table ZMM_FIRST_TABLE. As stated on following picture:

You can observe that there is function "Text table" included in SE11, menu: Goto->Text table. If you choose it you will jump directly from first table to text table.


Anonymous said...

How can I create check table in SAP?

Anonymous said...

How about creating search helps? Any hint? I highly appreciate your help... Thanks.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Anon, Basically you can create search helps in SE11 -> click on "Search help" radio button... there are lot of possibilities how custumize/program search helps.

hope it helps little bit.