Friday, March 29, 2024

Transports of SNP Glue objects

In my previous post related to SNP Glue integration tool I described how the tool can be leveraged to transfer data between Snowflake and SAP BW/4HANA systems. However I left out a part on how to transport the SNP Glue objects. Thus I write about it in this post.

There is a dedicated t-code (/DVD/GLTR - DataVard Glue Transport Workbench) to manage transports the objects developed for the Glue.

The Glue transport t-code allows to collects the objects for the transport either by package/user name/object name. Once the objects are entered in the selection screen there is a button Execute. Once it is selected the objects are written to the regular SAP STMS transport request. Here’s such a request looks like:

Entries in the TR are basically the transparent table entries. These values in the table entries will be transported to the target SAP system. This is because the Glue transport contains meta data objects (objects definitions), further there are ABAP objects like classes and programs. Based on this meta data - the physical Glue objects are recreated in the target system upon objects activation.

Below are some of the table entries that carries the meta data per particular Glue object:

/DVD/GL_T_DD_TH – Glue table header objects

/DVD/GL_T_E2_MAP - Persistent Transformation/mapping

/DVD/GL_T_E2_OBJ - Extractor 2.0 object directory

/DVD/GL_T_E2_OBP - Extraction object's parameters

/DVD/GL_T_FLD_OB - Glue objects mapped to logical folder

/DVD/GL_T_FOLDER - Table for mapping folders inside packages


Once the objects are collected into the TR via t-code /DVD/GLTR then the TR can be regularly released like any other SAP transport in e.g. SE10 t-code. At this point the TR is ready to be imported to target SAP system.

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