Thursday, February 22, 2024

How to switch BPC environment state (on/off line)?

In one of my older posts, I explained few ways how to check BPC environment state. Either it is online or offline. This time I focus on how to change the state of the BPC environment.

1. in BPC web client: In main screen of web client choose Settings button on top right corner. From there click on Environment button in a drop down Settings menu.

There is a new popup shown as next with a listing all available environments in the system. In a bottom part of the window there is a “Manage All Environments” button. Click on that one. 

There is a new screen called Manage All Environments shown as a next. Form here choose the environment which status do you want to change and clink on “Change Status” bottom on the screen toolbar. 

As a last step there is a new popup window where the environment status can be changed via radio button. 

2. in SAP BPC backend: Use t-code SE16 to browse table UJ0_PARAM_APP. Put following selection into the selection screen.

APPSET_ID = <your BPC environment tech name>


In a VALUE column of the table there is either 0 or 1. Zero means the environment is to offline and one means it is set to online.

3. in SAP BPC backend – custom program: There can be a small ABAP program created. That changes the content of VALUE column in table UJ0_PARAM_APP. That can be done via a call of method SET_APPSET_STATUS  of class CL_UJA_APPSET.


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How to check BPC environment state (on/off line)?

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