Thursday, August 24, 2023

Unavailable SAP Notes

There are a few cases when SAP Notes or Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) are not available to be viewed on SAP for Me (formerly ONE Support Lunchpad (OSS)) site.


1. SAP Note/KBA XXXXXXX is being updated. This happens when there is a new version of particular Note being prepared. As usually the Notes has initially a version in its master language it can be that, there is a few days delay when the Note is translated (e.g. from German to English). The translation part can cause that delay. If the Note is still not around for a few days, you can approach the SAP via e.g. social media and ask for the Note. That usually helps to speed up the updating process.

What makes it a bit unfortunate and frustrating too is that during the updating the former version of the Note is not accessible either. This issue was raised many times to SAP however it is not solved yet. SAP claims that sometimes the old version is not correct (even it can be harmful) thus they decided to take the whole Note offline for a while.


2. Sorry! You are not entitled to access SAP Note/KBA. This message is so called a maintenance terminated status. The message is present when customer number to which your support site user is linked to lost an access to the software component which the Note is related to. Means that e.g. license to that software is not provisioned or wasn’t provision to your customer number. In this  case you need to raise this issue to your SAP representative (account manager).

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