Sunday, August 27, 2023

Reserved key words for SAP table fields

When it comes to table creation in SAP Data Dictionary (DDIC) there is a check performed whether particular field (names of table columns) is not reserved. If so the dictionary object cannot be activated. This applies regardless the table is created manually or generated by the system. Automatically generated dictionary objects can involve in BW objects like aDSOs, Open Hubs, etc. In other applications, it can involve automatic generation of tables for CDS views.

The check if the field is or is not reserved is performed in ABAP Data Dictionary. The dictionary has a list of reserved words that may not be used for database objects. The list depends on the database system and is present in the system in a form of database table called TRESE. The table has two colons:

NAME – represents the reserved key word itself

SOURCEHINT - reason for reservation, means what DB type the keyword is reserved for


In summary there is the table TRESE in ABAP dictionary that stores reserved or protected names that cannot be used within the dictionary objects names.


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